The undersigned, being of lawful age, associate under the provisions of the Laws of New Hampshire by the following:
ARTICLE 1.    The name of this corporation shall be
ARTICLE 2.    The objects for which this corporation is established are:
a.         to provide a recreational and swimming area for the members.
b.         to conduct and carry on such other lawful business as may be incidental to the foregoing objects.
c.         to acquire, hold and manage such real and personal property as may be necessary or convenient in the promotion of said objects.
ARTICLE 3.    The place in which the business of this corporation is established is at Moose Club Park Road, Goffstown, New Hampshire, 03045.
ARTICLE 4.    The amount of capital stock or number of shares is:  NONE.
Dated at Manchester, New Hampshire: June 16, 1990.
1.         The Officers of the Corporation shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officer or officers as may be appointed by the members pursuant to the authority given to it in the Bylaws.
2.         The President, and in his absence, the Vice President or the Second Vice President, shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall exercise the usual functions of a President.
3.         The Treasurer shall submit to the Directors the annual balance sheet and the profit-and-loss account at the annual meeting or at any earlier meeting.  The Treasurer's accounts and reports shall be subject to such directions and to such audits as the members may prescribe.
4.         The Secretary shall keep the records of the Corporation, a roll of membership with current addresses, and inform the Treasurer of all changes therein.  The Secretary shall have the custody of the Seal of the Corporation and shall file the records in a manner prescribed by the members.
5.         Each officer shall also perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
6.         An officer has the authority to spend up to fifty dollars ($50.00) on beach improvements.
7.         Five officers, to be known collectively as the Board of Directors, shall control and manage the affairs, funds, property and expenditures of the Corporation, and shall carry out its corporate purposes, and shall execute its bylaws.
8.         Election of Directors:  The office of President shall be progressive.  One (1) year for 2nd Vice President, progressive to one (1) year for 1st Vice President, progressive to one (1) year for President.  Each year a 2nd Vice President will be elected.  Outgoing President will be advisor to Directors for one (1) year.  The positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be three (3) year terms, elected on alternate years.  The Board of Directors may fill vacancies occurring therein otherwise than by expiration of term, until the next annual meeting.
9.         The Board of Directors shall submit at each annual meeting a general report of the affairs of the Corporation, which shall be distributed to members ten days before the meeting.
10.       The Board of Directors shall make rules regulating the use of the Corporation's property by members and guests, and for admitting guests, and may make rules not inconsistent with these bylaws for any other purpose, and may prescribe and enforce penalties for their breach.
11.       The Board of Directors may appoint an ad hoc committee as required.
12.       At each annual meeting, any member of the Corporation may nominate candidates for available positions on the Board of Directors.
13.       The Board of Directors may at any time, and upon the written request of five members, call a special meeting of the Corporation.  Such request and its notice shall state the subject(s) for which the meeting is called, and other subjects are not admissible for discussion.
14.       The Corporation shall hold at least one annual meeting.
15.       Notice of the annual meeting and of special meetings shall be given at least ten days before such meeting, unless shorter notice be directed by the Board of Directors.
16.       Five members shall be a quorum at any meeting of the Corporation, and a majority vote shall prevail, and only members may vote at any annual meeting.
17.       Any person who owns or occupies property at Moose Club Park may be a member.  This comprises the area between the railroad bed and the river.
18.       Membership becomes effective upon payment of the annual dues.
19.       There will be only one membership and vote issued per household, regardless of whether the property is owned jointly or in common, but individuals of the member's family will be allowed to use the Corporation premises.
20.       Members in good standing are entitled to invite guests.
21.       The annual dues will be an amount equal to the payment of real estate taxes, insurance liability and other necessary operating expenses, and prorated among the members.
22.       The fiscal year of the Corporation shall begin on the first day of May at which time the dues shall become due.
23.       Notice of dues may be sent by the Treasurer to every member in April of every year.  The members whose dues remain unpaid after July first shall be prohibited from participating in any of the Corporation's functions.
24.       A member may resign by writing to the Secretary, and his resignation shall be effective immediately, or a member must assign his membership rights with the transfer of his real estate interest.
25.       Any member may be suspended or expelled for good cause by the Board of Directors, however, an expelled member may require from the Board of Directors, in writing, the reason for his expulsion.
26.       Non-members, except invited guests, shall not be allowed to participate in any Corporation functions and/or use the corporate facilities.
(Exception: Special corporate functions with majority vote approval of the Board of Directors).
27.       All improvements must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors and owned and controlled by the Corporation.
28.       The bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting of the Corporation at which not less than five members are present, by a majority vote in favor of the amendment, provided that notice of the proposed amendment is given ten days before such meeting.
29.       Officers may raise funds in addition to dues so that Corporation assets could be used as necessary within compliance of all Corporate regulations.