Moose Club Park Beach

Our Mission


Welcome to the Moose Club Park Beach Corporation Website
Our Mission
    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving a neighborhood private beach to provide a recreational and swimming area for the members.
    We are totally dependent upon the interest and support of this entire neighborhood, including members, non-members and waterfront property owners, to acquire enough funds to pay the ever-increasing property taxes and liability insurance through membership dues, donations and fund-raisers.
    We need to keep this area private.  If we lose the property and it is turned over to the town because of the inability to raise the necessary funds or for some other reason, there will be no control over who will be converging on Moose Club Park.
    We have seen other similar situations, such as Mountain Base, where the property reverted to the town, then got out of hand, and when the neighbors wanted to regain control, a long and costly fight followed.  If this were to happen here, this situation would affect not only our safety and welfare, but also would have a devastating impact on all property values as it could attract an "undesirable element" to our quiet little neighborhood, bringing with it an increase of dangerous traffic, a threat to our children, and vandalism to our property.  We need to keep the beach private for the enjoyment of all members and their families and guests and to ensure the privacy, safety and piece of mind of all residents of Moose Club Park
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