Moose Club Park Beach
NOTICE to Members in Good Standing:
To acquire the combination for the gate lock,
please directly contact any of the 2024 Board of Directors:
President Sarah Puls 21 Shore Dr
1st Vice President Brenda Obrian 27 Shore Dr
2nd Vice President Joe Simonds 21 Shore Dr
Secretary Jamie Naylor 131 Moose Club
Treasurer Melanie Roussel 134 Moose Club
Web Master Joe Simonds 21 Shore Dr
Advisor-1 Roger Therrien 40 Shore Dr
Advisor-2 Paul Taglini 39 Shore Dr
or Email the Board of Directors: or
Election of Officers:
The Bylaws require that we elect a Board of Directors comprised of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The VP positions are progressive and each year the 1st Vp moves up to President.  The 2nd VP moves up to the 1st VP and a new 2nd VP is elected.  The position of Secretary and Treasurer are for three (3) year terms.
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