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The History of a Dream


For those of us that have forgotten and for those of us who are unaware  . . .
it all began in the spring of 1972:
Joseph and Marie Boucher were the original owners of the tract of land commonly known to all of us as "the beach."  When the Bouchers decided to sell the property in 1972, it became apparent to certain members of the neighborhood that this investment would be an invaluable asset to the entire area, not only for family recreation and fun, but also for the increase of property value.
On the 26th of February, 1972, Horace Millette and Armand Turgeon signed an agreement with Mr. Boucher to purchase "the beach" for the sum of $1,300 ! ! ! (Incidentally, the down payment was all of $100.00 ! !)  Former residents Horace Millette, Martin Farley, Emile Bourque, Jacqueline Lee and Armand Turgeon, together formed the non-profit organization that we now know as "The Moose Club Park Beach Corporation."  After months of hard work and organizing, on October 26, 1972 (the day the organization was chartered in the state of New Hampshire), these five individuals had collected over $2,000 from over forty families in our little community.  Their dream became a reality.
Well, it's 50 years later and times have changed.  The goals set in 1972 seem to have been forgotten: the dream of a united community cast aside for the faster-pace 2000’s.  Membership now consists of only 18 families out of a possible 60.  We, the remaining members are saddened, but not discouraged.  If our organization were to cease to exist, the town would seize the land and the Beach would become public property, thereby ensuring much more traffic as anyone from Goffstown will be able to come down to use or abuse our beach, which was fought so hard for 50 years ago.
You may ask, "What else could we lose?"  Property value for one thing!  Who wants to buy a house near the water without any beach rights?  (By the way - a ten foot right of way on Lake Sunapee goes for $30,000 to $50,000!!  We have over 100 feet at our beach!)  The organization will provide any current member with written documentation proving beach rights (which increases property value) when that member has an appraisal to be done or decides to sell their home.
What can we do?  Well, we can become a united neighborhood again.  Our expenditures for 2022 were approximately $1700 (taxes and insurance).  If that cost was shared by all 60 of us, dues would be (are you ready?) $28 per family per year!  That is a bargain!  Imagine 50 years ago when forty families gave $50 each to make this dream come true.
In 1972, "The Moose Club Park Beach Corporation" was established "by the people, for the people".  In 2022, we have an obligation to ourselves and our neighbors as members of this community to hold onto the tradition that was started only 50 years ago.  This organization is a vital part of us.  It's our community.  Please, stand up and be counted.  We can't do it alone.
Thank you.
(written in 2013, updated 2022)


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